How a Dermatologist in Provo Can Help Expectant Mothers Battling Eczema

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Skin conditions like eczema can be extremely uncomfortable when you’re expecting. An article that appeared on the parent’s portal Parent Dish stated that hormonal shifts during the three trimesters can exacerbate the condition. The article also noted that hereditary issues, eczema attacks prior to the pregnancy, and any allergens present in the environment can trigger this chronic skin condition.
Expecting mothers in Provo, Utah should visit licensed and experienced dermatologists if they’re experiencing debilitating skin conditions like eczema. Provo and the region near Salt Lake City hosts several practices that offer solutions to eczema, otherwise known as atopic dermatitis. Fortunately, a trusted dermatologist in Provo, like Dr. Richard Stone, M.D of Stone Dermatology, can help you get through such a trying time.

Experiencing constant itchiness is not good for the skin, especially if you have long nails that can cause damage. The treatment usually starts with consultations with the dermatologist. The patient will be asked to pinpoint the problem regions where the atopic dermatitis is active, and discuss the severity of the symptoms. The dermatologist can use this information to plan out a treatment solution that takes the patient’s issues into account.
The article listed a number of treatment options to help expectant mothers battling eczema—many of which their dermatologist or general practitioner would recommend. Expectant mothers should cut their nails and resist the urge to scratch the itch, which will prevent damage to the skin. General practitioners and dermatologists can also recommend the brands of topical steroid cream and moisturizers that will work best on the patient’s skin, as well as how frequently the skin should be moisturized.
However, the Parent Dish article warned that it is not viable to take any oral anti-eczema medications, as certain brands have been scientifically proven to cause severe birth defects. Your medical professional can help you identify products that do more damage than good and help you avoid them. If oral medication is unavoidable, the practitioner may recommend antibiotics to prevent the condition from spreading.
If you are carrying a child, avoiding bouts of eczema is one of the many things you will have to do to ensure a safe delivery. Experts at dermatology in Utah, like Erik Zenger, P.A of Stone Dermatology, can help expectant mothers who are struggling with chronic skin conditions.

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