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Mole Removal in Utah

Mole Removal in Utah

Mole Removal

Most moles are harmless and start to appear in early childhood and through the first 30 years of one’s life. Moles that appear after the age of 30, should be watched carefully. Moles that change in appearance, become itchy, bleed, ooze or become tender, should be checked by a Dermatologist. Any mole which changes in size, shape, color or height, should be checked. Generally, if there is a concern, the mole in question will be removed and sent to pathology for diagnosis.

It is imperative to be aware of your body and any moles which have changed over time. Dark or flat moles require the same attention as raised and should be checked regularly.

Past dangerous mole symptoms, one might desire a mole removal for aesthetic reasons.

Moles can be removed by two surgical methods, excision (cutting) or excision with cauterization (a tool is used to burn away the mole). Excision may or may not require stitches depending on the depth of the mole, as well as location and the type of cosmetic outcome desired. Laser removal is not recommended for mole removal, as the laser cannot penetrate the depth needed for proper mole removal. An anesthetic is always used to enable the mole removal be as comfortable as possible.

An in-office procedure, generally takes no more than an hour. You will be given self care instructions after the procedure to insure quick healing, void of any possible infection. Depending on the depth and location of the mole, a return office visit may or may not be necessary.

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